Grasscloth is a textured print.
Design Repeat: 24 inches
Material: Self-Adhesive, repositionable and removable vinyl coated wallpaper
Roll size: double roll 20.5 in. x 11 yds. = 56.37 sq. ft.
Sample Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Availability: Ships in 1-2 business days
Reordering? When placing any reorders, please request the same lot number in notes at checkout.
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How much Tempaper do you need?

  • -  Determine the length and width of the surface area you are covering in feet.
  • -  Calculate the total square footage of your surface by entering the length and width in the appropriate fields below. 

Please see the product page to determine the square foot of each roll. 

We recommend you always round up when estimating the number of rolls to order. 

Please note that there is a waste of material when lining up a drop match patterns.



Transform Your Space With Tempaper!


Helpful hint from a Tempaper installer: The key is to peel the liner a few inches to a foot away from the top, move the paper into position, get your line-ups, then remove a large portion of the lining. I like to start my line-ups in the middle of panels as this is where most people’s eyes will go first. At this point, I let the static pull the paper towards the wall, tab the first three feet or so into position and begin applying.

For more information on wall preparation, application, suggested tools and more, please visit Tempapers Customer Service page.



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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

Gorgeous beyond words!
Review by /
I ordered the sample, and I can't wait for this beautiful paper to be back in stock again. I love the texture, the expensive feel of the paper, and the artful look of the design. I think the subtle metallic ink adds an extra dimension.I don't think it looks exactly like grasscloth, but it's still a beautiful and sophisticated design in and of itself.
Make sure to get a sample first
Review by /
I ordered the sample, it didn't look at all as depicted in the photo - because "textured" surfaces need to be shown at an angle, not head on.
This wallpaper design looks somewhat flat, but a bigger issue is one stripe every few is printed on a METALLIC GOLD background, gold stripes which reflect the light and stand out when viewed at an angle, which kills any illusion of being grasscloth
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